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Important information

Inmarsat, with Orbcomm (previously Skywave), have announced the withdrawal of the IsatM2M satellite service with an end-of life date of 31 December 2021.

From 31st December 2021 the last remaining three Ocean Regions for IsatM2M will be removed.

What does this mean for LRIT?

  • Your DMR800 LRIT or Sat-201i/202-LRIT terminal will cease to send LRIT positions
  • Your vessel will no longer be compliant with LRIT Regulations
  • Your vessel may be subject to Port State Control inspection issues

What does this mean for SSAS?

If you have a Ship Security Alert System that uses the IsatM2M service, then you will need to set up an alternative SSAS system before the end of 2021.

 How can Fulcrum help?

Our dedicated LRIT support team can;

  • Offer you a free consultation to help identify if you have an alternative terminal that could be used for LRIT position reporting and/or SSAS
  • Supply a new compliant terminal, at a discounted price (10% off!)
  • Arrange an LRIT conformance test and issue a new CTR on a replacement terminal

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