LRIT Conformance Testing

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LRIT approved Flag States and prices

List of Flag States and LRIT Test Prices 

If you do not see your Flag listed above, please contact our Service Delivery Team.

The LRIT Conformance Test Price includes all of the following:

  • FREE check of equipment details before the test starts.
  • FREE  retests.
  • No need to register again for a repeat LRIT Conformance Test on the same equipment. *
  • An email notification is automatically sent at the start and the end of the test, with the position of the vessel so that you know when the test has started and when the test finishes.
  • An LRIT Conformance Test Report (CTR). **

* Please note:  (i) a retest will be carried out automatically, at no extra cost. However, we reserve the right to cancel the LRIT Conformance Test and charge for a new test should the equipment continuously fail or the test is unreasonably delayed (ii) We ask that each LRIT test should be completed within 65 days of the date that the request for the test is made (via our website).

**We provide a Conformance Test Report, where we are approved to do so by the Flag State.


LRIT Test Payment methods

Please note: our Service Delivery Team can on issue the Conformance Test Report after full payment (cleared funds) has been received.

Also, Please note for bank transfers, any payment made by bank transfer will incur a wire transfer fee of USD 25.00 or EUR 20.00, which is in addition to the test price. We ask customers to take note of this information in order not to delay the issue of the conformance test reports.

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Easy payment by Credit or Debit Card in Euro, US Dollar or Sterling.
  • Pay by PayPal in Euro, US Dollars or Sterling.
  • Cheque or Bank Transfer with the invoice number in the reference information to enable reconciliation of payments.

If you have any questions that relate to payment, please contact our Accounts Team. You can telephone our switchboard and use the extension 404 to be connected directly to the Accounts Department or use the contact form on the website.