LRIT Conformance Testing

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LRIT approved Flag States and prices

LRIT Test Price includes

  • FREE same equipment retests. No need to pay again should the equipment fail the first test. *
  • Conformance Test Report (CTR) where issued by Fulcrum Maritime Systems. **

* Please note:  (i) We reserve the right to cancel the test and charge for a new test should the equipment continuously fail or the test is unreasonably delayed (ii) Each test must be completed within 65 days of the date of submission of vessel registration details.

** In the event that a CTR needs to be re-issued or amended for any reason please contact our LRIT testing team for further information.


LRIT Test Payment methods

  • Credit, Debit Card or Pay Pal payments accepted in Euro, USD or Sterling.
  • USD and Euro invoiced payments made by bank transfer will incur a wire transfer fee of USD25 or 20€.
  • All non USD costs are calculated daily.